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* There is a desviation between the sample on screen and the reality colours


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Art. Horsy is produced on European cow or baby calf.
4,50/5,00 m2 of surface, 1,4/1,6 mm of thickness for cow.
2,00/2,40 m2 of surface , 1,1/13 mm of thickness for baby calf.
They can be made on entire or half skins.

Chrome tanning.
Mineral colours dying.
Leather not submitted to finishing.
Leather naturally non flammable.
The red, orange and blue colors and their derivates (cardinale and amaranto in particular) could lose colour because they are not fixed thanks to finishing. We recommend you not to put them in contact with light colors. Same risk with printed articles.
Regardin the prints, since skin is an heterogeneous material, it is impossible to guarantee the systematic homogeneity of the print. Consequently, one print can vary on one skin and from one to the other. This phenomenon is rar for black prints.
Horsy naturale: This article is tanned but non dyed. The colour is completeley natural and not designed. Every skin is unique, one of the main qualities of this article.
Horsy Van Gogh: this article is personalized by hand, to obtain a perfect mix between natural cow skin “hair-on” and pure aniline. For this reason every skin is unique, one of the qualities of this article.
Horsy corrosion: Bleaching is made by hand. Every skin is unique.
We recommend dry cleaning by a leather and fur specialist. In case of cleaning “at home”, use a humid cloth with cold water only, do not use any detergent or any soap. The article Horsy and its variation are very fragile since they are not unhaired or “finished”, their characteristcis are to approach to the aniline leather onces. Each skin is unique so the customer hast to expect variations of aspect and touch between the skins.
Their most common use is upholstery.

Tear resistance UNI EN ISO 3377-1 N >= 20
Breaking Strength UNI EN ISO 3376 N/mm2 >= 10
Elongation at break UNI EN ISO 3376 % >= 20
Flex resistance UNI EN ISO 5402 Cycles 20.000(1)
Colour fastness to rubbing (dry) UNI EN ISO 11640 Escala de grises 50 Cycles >= 3 (2)
Colour fastness to rubbing (wet) UNI EN ISO 11640 Escala de grises 20 Cycles >= 3 (2)
Stitch tear UNI EN ISO 10606 N/mm >= 6,0
Colour fastness to light (Xenon test) UNI EN ISO 105 B02 Scala blue >= 3
Colour fastness to perspiration UNI EN ISO 11641 Escala de grises >= 3
Abrasione resistance (seco - 9 kPa) UNI EN ISO 113520 Cycles 600 Cycles(3)
pH UNI EN ISO 4045 - pH>= 3,2 y xpH>=0,7

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